Originating in the late 1800s, summer camp is one of America's enduring gifts to the world and an ongoing boon to the thousands of boys and girls who attend camps in the United States each year. Though not the oldest camp in the land, YMCA Camp Belknap in Tuftonboro, New Hampshire, now joins a small, elite group whose legacy spans one hundred years or more.

Established in 1903, back in the days of ice houses and horse-drawn carriages, Camp Belknap today flourishes on the shore of New Hampshire's majestic Lake Winnipesaukee, not only because the concept of summer camp remains evergreen, but because its founders and succeeding generations of directors and leaders have created and continually improved on something special – a felicitous blend of place, tradition, and purpose. The aim, from early on, was to make good boys better.  Camp Belknap prides itself on its home-grown leadership program and its motto of "God first, the other fellow second, and myself last."